Some thoughts about the kind of events we want to organize

Having done very different events - from tiny local DIY events to huge ones like London Edinburgh London with its 1400+ participants - we have developed a pretty clear idea about the kind of Audaxes/Brevets that we want to put on. Taking the things we love about the rides we have done, and trying to improve other aspects, here is a short list of things that are important to us: 

Not giving a shit about rankings

Audaxes are challenging adventures and not races. The challenge obviously is to finish within the given time limit. Beyond that, we think your finishing time is utterly irrelevant. If anything, arriving at the finishing line 5 minutes before the cut-off time, completely empty, having spent the last bit of energy to still make it, is the spirit we want to promote. Hence, we refuse to ever create any rankings or acknowledge your placing in any form other than writing it onto your brevet card for you to know. ​​

A home on the road

Especially on the longer brevets (600+) we think it's important to have at least one place along the road where you can sleep, get some warm food and rest. Regardless whether you are a slower or fast rider, a home on the road is always something to look forward to and makes such long rides less intimidating. In addition, we think one of the things that makes Audaxes/Brevets so special are the people that do them and the experiences that are made along the way. A nice check point also promotes hanging out with other riders, having a chat and then perhaps set of again together, rather than to push through all by yourself.

Keeping things small

We are a small team and we want to make sure that our events are the best possible experience for every rider. We therefore try to  keep things small and familiar, and not having too many participants. 

Keep things affordable

We'll try our best to keep our events affordable for everybody. We are a non-profit organization which means that our entry fees allow us to cover the costs of food, renting facilities and driving expenses. 

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