• Rainer

Route changes

Long time no hear, but we've been busy sorting out more details for this summer's brevet.

First of all, we decided to do one last major route change: Instead of the Susten we are now taking you over the Furka and then the Grimsel pass to Bern. The reason for this change is that there are major construction works planned between Andermatt and Wassen. So we've decided that the Furka-Grimsel passage to Bern is much more appealing. And best of all, it's almost exactly the same in terms of elevation gain. So it's basically two passes for the same effort that would've been required for one (the Susten).

Finally, almost all of you have paid the registration fee. For those that haven't, please do so until the end of March. If you haven't paid by then, we might consider giving your reserved spot up for another rider.

With that we wish you lots of fun on your training rides; the spring is almost here, days are getting longer and warmer, and only 4 months to go until your big adventure! See you soon!

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