Swiss Cheese & Mountain Madness Brevet: Route

The route of our SCMM600 Brevet rides through what we think are some of the nicest roads and landscapes in Switzerland. Starting in Lausanne you will ride through the Lavaux vineyards, then on to a long flat section through the Canton of Valais along the Rhône river for the night. This will be great to get the legs going before the real test of your strength: The triplets of alpine giants with the Nufenen, the iconic San Gottardo via the old cobbled Tremola road. Then the Furkapass back to the Valais and finally, over the Grimselpass. From the top of Grimsel it's a long downhill to the Bernese lakes of Brienz and Thun, a welcome opportunity to ride some flat rolling kilometers again until the sleep stop in Bern. How long, and whether you can sleep at all will of course, depend on how you are doing with time: The faster riders might actually get away with some hours of sleep, while the slower ones will perhaps only doze before heading out again. From there it's a last hurrah along lake Neuchâtel up to the Jura mountains with the climbs of Mollendruz and Marchairuz, before you can ride home to Lausanne again. Incredibly pretty? YES. Tough as nails? YOU BET IT IS. Worth the misery? OH YES. 

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